If you are studying at the University of Mons, you may want to have a look at the activities provided!

Sport at UMONS

The University of Mons has a big indoor room that students can access or rent to organize activities. The university also provides sport classes, such as futsal, basketball, badminton, volleyball, etc.

In order to join a team, you need to buy the so-called “carte sports” (12€) at the Cellule Sports. You can either pay by cash or card.

Click on this link Programme de la Direction des Affaires Étudiantes ( to get more details about the activities, timetables, equipment, etc.

Cross-faculty events

4h Cuistax (pedal car)

All faculties create and decorate their own pedal car. In April, there is a day where the students can have a race with one of the pedal cars during 4 hours to support their association. At the end of the day, the faculty with the most beautiful cuistax win a prize and the one which made the most rounds as well.

The event is not only about the race. Visitors can find an associative village (and find our stand!) and get more information about students’ associations in Mons. Later in the afternoon, party animals can enjoy good music while having a drink or eat burgers with fries.

Coupe du Mons

During one week in March, students get to support their faculty’s team. There are soccer’s teams, but also cheerleaders’ teams. In addition to that, a few activities are organized there like “Who can eat the most sandwiches?” and many more crazy activities!

This competition takes place at the RAEC stadium in Mons (next to the campus “Plaine de Nimy”) and there are matches everyday between the girls’ soccer teams and the boys’ soccer teams.

Wednesday is the big day because in the afternoon, the cheerleaders get to present their show in front of everyone after having trained for months.

On Thursday, the last day of this incredible week, the soccer’s teams play the finals in order to know which faculty has the honor to win the trophy. On that same day, what we call the TD is organized at the Lotto Mons Expo and that is the biggest party of the year.

In 2024, famous artists made the final party memorable, like Colonel Reyel and Papi Jumper.

More information:

Events at the FTI-EII


During the second week of the semester, students and teachers get to know each other by playing, dancing, singing together and much more! The perfect occasion to meet local and international students and to make your language department win a prize!


On October 31st, the English department throws a party to celebrate Halloween. During the party there is good music of course, but also students who want can walk on the runway and take part in the competition for the most original costume.


We celebrate Saint Nicolas together and receive chocolate or sweets that day.


On February 14th, the day of the lovers is celebrated, but not everyone is in a relationship. That’s why a party is organized where thanks to a coloured bracelet you can choose:

  1. Looking for the girls
  2. Looking for the boys
  3. In a relationship

International Day

Every language faculty presents the local food of the countries in which we speak the language. A friendly competition between the languages departments is organized to know which food tastes better, which activity was the most entertaining, and which stand is the best decorated.