Where can I buy my lunch in Mons?

The most cost-effective solution is to buy your meals or sandwiches at one of the university’s restaurants.

  • About €3.75 for a hot meal at Plaine de Nimy, or Cité Houzeau.
  • About €2.80 for a sandwich at Plaine de Nimy, Cité Houzeau or Waroqué.

I need an ambulance or the police, firefighter, etc. for an emergency!

Call 112, you will quickly be connected with an agent that will assess your needs. If you call for a medical emergency in 90% of the cases, they will send an ambulance, which will cost you less than €80 (it is a fixed fee). Notice that you’ll have to provide your current position to the agent.

I need to contact the police for a non-urgent motive.

Call 101, you will be put on hold until you get an agent.

I feel bad, I need to talk to someone.

You can contact the Community Help Service: +32 2 648 40 14.

Someone is harassing me or one of my buddy at UMONS.

It is a serious matter, you can contact a student volonteer via +32 471 677 960 or via respect@umons.ac.be. Do not hesitate to contact one of the ESN Mons Committee members, we won’t let you down! Furthermore, don’t hesitate to contact the police (we can also help you for this step).

What is the weather like?

Often cool and wet, therefore be prepared and bring a jacket. You may encounter some snow during the winter or even during the spring, however, it does not last long.