What is the ESNcard?

ESNcard is more than a card: it is the membership card to the Erasmus Generation. It gives you access to the best discounts and deals that every exchange student needs. Thanks to ESNcard, you save money while enjoying your exchange.

Specimen of an ESN card.

Who can get the ESNcard?

Every incoming student doing an exchange in Mons can buy the card. We do not sell ESNcard to outgoing students (regularly enrolled students at UMONS, HELHa, etc.).

How can I get the ESNcard?

We sell the ESNcard during our events. We do not sell the card prior to arrival in Belgium. Contact us for more information:

I have a ESNcard. What do I do now?

You need to activate your account on Once it is done, you can obtain vouchers or codes that you can use on the website of our partners.

Who are the partners of ESN?

ESNcard allows you to obtain discounts from multiple partners: Ryanair, Flibco, Flixbus, The Economist, Tomorrowland, Eurosender and many more! An exhaustive list of the partners is available on

Want to know more about some of our partners? Click on the pictures!