Our Activities

Social Integration Activities

Bowling: We organize this activity to help students integrate and get to know their fellow exchange students in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, fostering new friendships and connections.

Karaoke: Singing their hearts out at karaoke nights is a fantastic way for exchange students to break the ice, showcase their talents, and bond over shared musical interests.

Group picture at the Bowling Des Bassins, Mons
Karaoke Night

Physical and Outdoor Adventures

Climbing: Indoor climbing is a nice adventurous activity that we motivate the students to engage in. It’s fun and also physically intense at the same time, and a great way for the students to work in pairs and scale new heights. 

Group picture inside Face Nord, Mons

Cultural Engagement

Board Games: Playing board games not only provides entertainment, but also encourages cultural exchange among students from different backgrounds.

Quiz Nights: Test your knowledge and have a blast with quiz nights, where students can engage in friendly contests while learning new fun facts about Belgium and the world.  

Quizz Night

Exploration and Travel

Domestic Trips: We organize day-trips for our exchange students to different cities in Belgium. This allows students to explore a new and vibrant culture of Belgium and its breathtaking beauty. 

Group picture, Grand Place, Brussels
Group picture, Bruges

International Trips: We, at ESN Mons, also plan International trips for our students. We organize a trip to Cologne during the festive season to immerse exchange students in the enchanting atmosphere of traditional German Christmas markets. During springtime, our destination varies, and we allow students to choose the city they want to visit. Last time, we embarked on a journey to Maastricht, a charming city known for its rich history, picturesque architecture, and vibrant cultural scene.

Group picture in Maastricht, Nederlands
Group picture in Cologne, Germany

Cozy Gatherings and Entertainment

Movie Nights: Snuggling up for movie nights provides a relaxed and enjoyable setting for students to unwind, share cinematic experiences, and bond over shared interests.

Themed Parties: From vibrant Latino fiestas to spooky Halloween gatherings, themed parties offer an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in different cultures and traditions, creating memorable and festive moments together.

Group picture in front of Plaza Arthouse Cinema, Mons
Group picture inside the Hype Bar Lounge, Mons